Swimming Pool Symmetry and Serenity in Tampa, Florida

Like air conditioning and ceiling fans, swimming pools in Florida are practically a necessity. When the torrid temperatures of summer come to Central Florida, nothing is as refreshing as a swim in cool, sparkling waters. Having beautiful surroundings and soothing water features to enjoy whether in the pool or lounging outside, makes the entire experience even more relaxing and rejuvenating.

The designers at Landmark Pools know how to create the ultimate pool and surround that will give the homeowner not only clean, restorative waters that are so vital, but will make their custom pool an oasis of sensory delight. Special features such as waterfalls and fountains look beautiful, and their soft splashing sounds are almost hypnotic, which leads to a deeper sense of relaxation. Vanishing edge design will take the eye out to the horizon, creating a feeling of oneness with the surround. LED lights can be programmed to create a light show of changing colors that will add a sense of romance or fun to the poolside experience, depending upon the homeowner’s whim. Fire features add drama and a little warmth to an evening swim and create a cozy ambiance for entertaining. Landmark Pools works closely with the homeowner and home builder to ensure that the design of the pool complements the style of the house. Equally as important, they choose the pool shape and size that is appropriate for the intended type of use by the family, that the materials used will stand the test of time, and that the pool area is in symmetry with the home’s layout so that the best view of the pool can be enjoyed from inside the house as well. That view can be anything from serene to spectacular! The home in the photo, built by Windstar Homes, sits on the water in the South St. Petersburg area of Tierra Verde. The designers at Landmark Pools, working in close collaboration with the designers at Windstar Homes, thought that a contemporary design with a vanishing edge feature would draw the eye to the water, making it look as though the bay and the pool were one. Designed to create a serene feeling, they felt that a gentle pop of color would elevate the mood. They added colored bubblers, which are lighted mini-fountains, into the design. Another eye-catching element that Landmark put into this symmetrical, serene pool was jewelry band tile: several rows of colored glass tiles that added a bit of bling on the steps, swim out, and other areas of the pool. The “stepping stones” between the spa and the main pool were designed to delineate the different bathing areas while emulating and emphasizing the contemporary architecture of this home. Design and construction on a custom pool like this usually take about 10 to 12 weeks, so even though we may not be thinking about “cooling off” during our Florida spring, there is no better time than now to meet with the talented professionals at Landmark Pools. Much more than just a place to cool off in the summer, this stunning swimming pool is a sculptural work of art that is built to be enjoyed for years to come. A visit to their website at landmarkpools.com has stunning photographs of their installations. You can contact them via email at info@landmarkpools.com or call them at (813) 792-1331 to schedule a consultation.