Natural Stone: From Lackluster to Luxurious

From tile and grout to marble, travertine, granite or other natural stone that has lost its luster, the skilled and conscientious craftsmen of Marblelife of Tampa will search diligently for the best fix for your unique situation and bring the shine back into your surfaces.

Here are some questions and answers to help you decide if it’s time to have your natural stone cleaned or restored.

Q. Why do we see water marks, rings or dark spots that can’t be removed after cleaning our stone?
A. These can result from a fruit juice, soda or other acidic liquid spill, or the use of an improper cleaner. The problem is that acids dissolve the marble’s surface, resulting in a localized dull or dark spot. Marblelife can remove the etch marks by either polishing or diamond honing the stone, depending on how deep the etch marks are.

Q. Can I use vinegar and water or other household cleaners to clean my natural stone?
A. Unfortunately, vinegar and some household cleaners have acid in them that dulls natural stone. It is best to use a pH neutral cleaner designed specifically for cleaning natural stone. Marblelife manufactures a great cleaner that was developed by Union Carbide.

Q. Can the holes and cracks in my natural stone be repaired?
A. Natural stone can be repaired with a two-part polyester resin material and tinted to match the stone. Marblelife of Tampa’s technicians have an average of 10 years of experience with the company. They work wonders by making cracks and chips disappear, as best as possible.

Q. My new travertine looks dirty after I cleaned it several times. Can it be fixed?
A. Travertine tends to look non-uniform or blotchy after installation. The reason for this is because the fill in the stone is rougher than the stone itself. It can be corrected by a honing process at a minimal cost. The stone can be polished to a matte, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish.

Q. Is there any way to clean my tile and grout without spending all day on my knees?
A. Your tile and grout can be cleaned professionally with the right chemicals and a truck-mount system that uses elevated heat and pressure in an enclosed dome to provide great results in a short amount of time. For porcelain and ceramic tile, Marblelife can color seal your sanded grout to make it brand new and stain proof.

Q. Does stone polishing and restoration create any dust?
A. There is no dust during stone restoration, as Marblelife restores stone using a wet process. Technicians prep areas with wax paper, tape or plastic.