Florida Windows and Doors that Make a Huge Impact

By Llyne Hayes.
If you’re thinking about replacing your old, builder’s grade windows in order to make your home safer, stronger, more energy efficient, and to look more up-to-date, you need to look no further than NewSouth Window Solutions.

NewSouth manufactures their windows in Florida and has created them specifically to withstand the climate conditions that Florida homes face. They are designed and built by dedicated Floridians who understand our environment and how we like to live in it.

NewSouth Window has made certain that their windows are easily accessible to the entire state by opening factory showrooms within a comfortable driving distance of most areas. At their showrooms, you will be able to see and touch the various types of windows and doors they offer, as well as view demonstrations of why their windows are the best choice for your home.

You will be able to see a cutaway of their proprietary iVantage 9000 window, which not only makes a huge visual impact with its sturdy construction features but was also designed to take a huge impact! NewSouth’s iVantage window systems are built to exceed Miami-Dade’s high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) standards, which are the most stringent in our nation. This provides your home protection and strength from hurricane force winds and the flying debris that these storms bring. Because of these standards, you will not have to scramble for plywood or spend an enormous amount of money on hurricane shutters in most zones when storm season hits. The iVantage 9000 windows are so strong that they can be an additional deterrent to thieves who might try to break into your home by smashing through your glass windows or doors.

Another benefit of installing iVantage windows is the reduction of sound transmittance. Although not completely soundproof, these windows will turn the volume way down on the amount of outdoor noise that can filter into your home.

Energy efficiency is yet another major benefit of NewSouth’s windows, which are Energy Star rated, making the iVantage 9000 the Ultimate Florida Window. The combination of NewSouth’s technology and their dedication to quality installation ensures that your new windows will greatly reduce heat transfer from our blazing Florida sunshine, maintaining a stable temperature in your home, while still allowing light to fill your spaces and give you a clear, crisp view of your landscape.

If a trip to one of their many showrooms (or a factory tour of their manufacturing facilities in Tampa) is not convenient for you, NewSouth Window will be happy to send a technician to your home at no cost to you. They believe in “measuring to the inch, and pricing to the penny,” and saving you money by eliminating the middleman. They not only manufacture, deliver and install their own windows, they also guarantee them for as long as your own your home, no matter what happens to your window!

Factory direct, custom made, energy efficient, high impact windows that are guaranteed for life, without the added expense of the middleman? Now, that is impact-full! Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for a free in-home consultation. You can call them at (813) 200-4374, stop in at their Tampa area showroom at 10741 Crossroads Commerce Blvd, or visit NewSouthWindow.com.