Clearly the Best

To be the best in anything, you cannot sit stagnant and rest on your laurels. You have to keep growing, improving, staying on top of trends and trying new things. Bill Daubmann, President of MY Shower Door, lives this as his truth and has been clearly steering his company to be the best, and to remain so.

On June 22nd, after years of planning, and seven months of actual construction, MY Shower Door opened their new 60,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility, which also houses all of their corporate offices. Having all of the arms of his business under one roof greatly improves the efficiency of this already efficient business, and allows for an even more stringent watch on quality, which all of the employees in this Ft. Myers plant take very seriously. “In the long run, we will be saving our customers both time and money for the best quality shower doors they can find,” Bill attests.

One of the elements that makes MY Shower Door’s products the best is their newly designed hardware. Their pivot hinge, which allows the frameless shower doors to easily swing in either direction, has been redesigned to make it even more watertight than the original, ensuring long-lasting wear. These hinges, like all of their other proprietary hardware, are available in several standard metal finishes, but can also be custom-finished to suit any current color trend.

Another reason why MY Shower Door has the best glass enclosures in the state (they do have seven showrooms throughout Florida), is that they offer, as an option, glass that is lower in iron content. This glass makes their shower doors much clearer and without a greenish tint cast that is common with generic “clear glass”. Of course, they also safety temper all of the precisely-cut glass that will be carefully installed in your home by their own professional installers.

The engineers at MY Shower Door are always ready to help the homeowner who has a more unique design in mind. One of his recent clients wanted a shower enclosure that could change color along with their mood. They worked closely with electricians to have the UL Certified for moist conditions, LED lighting snuggly fit into the support channel for the glass. The lights radiate up through the entire enclosure and can be programmed to change color, making a very relaxing, yet dynamic and definitely unique showering experience!

Making product improvements and creating innovative designs is not all that Bill does to remain the best in his field. He recently expanded the business to include a hospitality division and has been installing frameless shower enclosures in fine hotels and resorts throughout Florida. If you stay at the Hyatt Regency in Bonita Springs, The Inn on Fifth in Naples, or Buena Vista Suites in Orlando, you’ll get to appreciate the fine design and workmanship that clearly makes MY Shower Door the best!

By Ilyne Hayes