A Haven for Your Home

By Kara Kennedy

The closet is no longer meant to simply store our things. Now, on a much deeper level, closets are the capsule for the items used to present ourselves to the world. Every time a customer of California Closets steps into their space they should feel inspired by the functionality and beauty of it. California Closets designer, Diane Deforest, explained the process on how this master closet created a haven in this client’s home.

California Closets strives to create just that with their team of innovative designers and state-of-the-art technology. In the initial consultation, the designer is able to determine the client’s personal style and collaboratively discuss ideas for the new space. In the beginning, it’s all about rapport and developing a relationship with the client in order to deliver a space with exceptional style and functionality. During the consultation the designer pulls up the California Closets app with extensive product options and inspirational photos in order to get alignment on personal style. With samples of rich finishes, hardware offerings and CAD renderings, the decision-making process is transformed into a seamless discussion. Once the 3D rendering from their custom CAD program is drafted, the designer can add in decorative accents to maximize the space based on the client’s design preference.

The California Closets team of professional installation technicians works efficiently in order to bring the space to life. Most projects take about a day, but bigger spaces may take two to three days to fully install. The closet systems have already been cut and designed prior to installation, ensuring efficient assembly. Meaning, the client has less mess, less stress, and a dramatically shorter time period where their home is a construction zone. Once finished, the installation technicians walk each client through the space and make sure everything is satisfactory to the client.

Prior to enjoying the closet featured here, this particular client was struggling with a cramped, unorganized space. Through an extremely comprehensive inventory check and a full understanding of the dimensions, Diane was able to make a storage space for truly everything. She was aware of each pair of shoes the client owned, how many purses the client had, and how she wanted to leave room for additions. After laying out the “bones of the space” in CAD, Diane was able to really make the client’s closet dream a reality.

During the process, the client was presented with sample boards, color palette and furnishings. In this case, the bedroom featured a lot of dark, heavy wood. It was because of this that she wanted to go in the complete opposite direction with their closet. She wanted to feel girly and special in her own space and needed to be able have her clothes visible and in sight. Displaying all of her shoes at once, including her boot collection, and the ability to showcase her designer purses was a must have. The end goal for the project was for the client to feel feminine, pretty and organized in her space.

The final product features a large island; multiple drawers; jewelry inserts with a remote lock; tilt down hampers with pull out bags; glass shelves for purses; California Closets’ new gold hardware from Tag; custom Hide leather drawer inserts made with
premium top-grain leathers from Ecodomo, specifically designed for California Closets; and a pull out mirror which was fixed to the long hanging shelf, able to rotate as needed.

When asked about her favorite part of designing this space, Diane was really pleased with how open the customer was to new ideas. “The end result was a complete shock to her. I was able to walk her to what I thought would work with her home and make her happy,” Diane explained. What may have seemed like a four-step process and a couple of weeks of work, was really a whole lot of work and journey to get to, but in the end, through the collaboration of both designer and client, California Closets was able to deliver the client’s very own sanctuary–a place to start each day with a smile as well as end the day with gratitude.

The team at California Closets Sarasota has more than 30 years of experience working with a variety of homes in the area. When you’re ready to explore custom ideas for your own space and to see more of their high-quality systems, unique finishes and accessories, visit them online at californiaclosets.com/locations/sarasota, or call (727) 573-0700 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation or stop by their Sarasota showroom at 1411 1st Street.