The Design Is In The Detail

No matter if you are a new homeowner, business professional, large family, or downsizing to a vacation home, optimizing organizational space can be difficult. We all begin and end our days in the closet, making it a vital part of our daily experience. With the help of California Closets, creating a custom storage solution to fit your individual needs is possible.

California Closets has the tendency to create “closet envy” as one might put it. Checking off all the boxes when it comes to the ideal closet: innovation, timeless design, and of course organization, it is quite clear why they’re leading the way in the industry. Their team of forward thinking and professional designers works hand in hand with clients to create a space that is so much more than just a closet.

Shannon, Design Consultant on the California Closets team, starts a consultation by finding out the individual needs of the client. She takes an inventory of their pieces and then takes precise measurements. For the closet pictured, after presenting inspirational photos, Shannon was able to nail down exactly what design aspects her client was looking for. The most important features for this space included a unique glass display where his lavish array of watches could be showcased, as well as room for his vast shoe collection. The closet lacks a door so the space truly becomes an extension of the bedroom. The shelves are bathed in custom lighting and feature drawer lights which illuminate upon opening. Essentially, the client wanted to highlight his valuables through refined design and showcase them in a tasteful manner. Coming all the way from Canada, the specially ordered drawer fronts are deep textured and hand carved, adding elements of elegance and depth. In addition, the black painted glass accenting the watch display really brings a bold statement to the space.

The design process is completely collaborative between consultant and client throughout the entire project. “If the client has time, I usually design on site with my laptop where I create 3D renderings so that he or she can see firsthand what their space will look like,” says Shannon. For example, there were several meetings over about five weeks to solidify the design for this walk-in closet, due to the detail oriented nature of the custom lighting and finishes. The two even hand drew the jewelry inserts together.

California Closets and their team are dedicated to ensuring the precision of detail and client specifics in each of their projects. When considering your own space, it’s important to note that the size of the space does not matter when it comes to the help that California Closets can provide. Whether it’s a simple reach-in or a closet the size of a bedroom, their team creates something to best suit your needs and style.

For information on working with California Closets and to see more of their top-of-the-line work, visit them online at, or call (727) 573-0700, or stop by their Sarasota showroom at 1411 1st Street.