Premier Outdoor Entertaining & BBQ Spaces in Tampa and Sarasota

After Kathy and Grant had completed renovating their 1970’s home that is nestled along the shoreline on Clearwater Beach, they realized the patio and backyard weren’t being used to their best advantage. Being outgoing, social people who love spending time with their family, friends and neighbors, they decided to create a fabulous outdoor space where they could entertain while enjoying breezes off the water and the tranquil beauty of coastal sunsets.

Enter Premier Outdoor Living & Design, who met with them at their home, listened to their desires for their new living space, carefully inspected the property, then came up with the design that would give them the stunning and spacious outdoor living room they craved.

The first thing that was needed was to create a lot more usable space than the small existing patio provided. Premier Outdoor Living & Design added a broad patio to one side of the swimming pool. Above this area, they added a large roof extension that tied into the existing roof so well, it looked as if it were part of the original building. Beneath the roof, they built a wide remote controlled gas fireplace that can emit enough heat to warm the area on cooler evenings. Above the fireplace, they installed a large television. With the addition of the ceiling fan, speakers and LED lighting, all Kathy and Grant needed to add was some comfortable seating, and they’d have the perfect spot for watching the Rose Bowl game! To continue the flow of the space, Premier Outdoor Living & Design flanked both ends of the pool with wide stairs that lead to a lower tier patio. All of the stairs are accented with LED lighting to softly light the walkway and turn the stairs into an architectural focal point at night. A sidewalk connects the lower patio to the boat dock, making the entire back of the property one homogeneous new living space.

When Kathy and Grant saw how their new outdoor living room would give them so much more opportunity to easily entertain larger groups, they opted to add an entire new outdoor kitchen to complete their entertaining space.

Cultured stacked stone facades clad both the fireplace and the sides of the kitchen counters, into which a built-in Coyote 34" grill with a set of double side burners was installed. The stainless steel grill boasts multiple high performance Infinity burners, lighting inside the grill for ease of use during nighttime barbecues, and laser-cut signature grates that provide the perfect combination of surface area, airflow and heat penetration to ensure perfectly cooked food every time. Premier Outdoor Living & Design also allowed for ample storage space for the new outdoor kitchen. Grant is happy with the sturdy storage space the All Pro Stainless door and drawer units provide. Kathy loves how the stainless textures look crisp and clean against the stone facades, and both are happy that their All Pro Stainless products will give them a lifetime of use with almost no maintenance.

Now Kathy and Grant are getting the most out of the outdoor lifestyle that they were craving. After they take their guests out on the boat for a ride in the sparkling Gulf, they can take a swim in the cool water of their pool, and while still in their bathing suits, easily grill some mouth-watering steaks and veggies for a relaxing dinner al fresco, watching the sunset over the water, all while listening to their favorite music that’s emanating from the recessed speakers in their new ceiling. After dark, they can sit by the fireplace, watch the firelight, and continue their party in the serene comfort of their wonderful new outdoor living space.

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