Beachfront Dream Realized

by Llyne Hayes
In 2015, Landmark Pools built a state-of-the-art 81’ lap pool for the original owners of this fabulous water-front home on Redington Beach. The owners had wanted a pool whose main function would be for their daily swimming workout. The house, because of its proximity to the coastline, was built up on stilts, so building the exceptionally long pool to run mostly underneath the house just made sense and provided the homeowners with more privacy from beach-goers.

In late 2018, lifelong Tampa Bay resident, Chris Wallace moved into the home and had a different idea of what the ideal beachfront pool should include. Although the house and its location fulfilled many needs, he envisioned a pool area that would encompass features not just for exercise, but also for relaxation and entertaining. Wallace immediately called Landmark Pools to see what could be done to have his vision realized. Because the pool was relatively new and had been well-maintained, everyone agreed that there was no need to tear out the existing pool and start all over. Instead, Landmark Pools, in conjunction with Meredith Heron Design and Bayscape Landscaping, designed an area that would give them a more interesting and intimate space.

An eighty square foot spa with ten therapy jets was built several feet from one side of the pool, and its location under the house was perfect for privacy.

Colored LED lighting highlights the spa’s eight foot wide Aqua Sheer waterfall and outlines the spa’s rectangular shape. On each corner of the spa, a Grand Effects Essex 31” diameter fire bowl provides more visual drama and can act as a calming focal point when relaxing in the spa. A small rectangular fountain, equipped with a soothing bubbler and LED lighting, was built to sit adjacent to the shorter end of the spa.

Landmark Pools was able to match the new decking to the existing travertine decking but added a few square stepping stones between the pool and spa for architectural interest.

All of the features were designed to be used with a Hayward Omnilogic pool control system, so that the lights, fountains, water temperature and jets can be easily controlled on smart phones.

Wallace was delighted that Landmark Pools was able to fulfill his vision of the perfect multi-dimensional pool area without having to go through the time and expense of starting from scratch.

Whether building new or remodeling, Landmark Pools will create a design to fit your space, your budget, and your dreams. A visit to their website at has stunning photographs of their installations. You can contact them via email at or call them at (813) 792-1331.