Your Garage can Spark Joy again!

By Kara Kennedy
Lately we seem to have become transfixed with Marie Kondo and her life changing organization techniques. We can’t seem to spark enough joy! While the inside of your home may be spic-and-span, your garage could be another story. Garages tends to be the dumping ground for other items from luggage to water toys, and everything in between. For a garage that Marie Kondo would be proud of, Smart Racks overhead storage is a great way for making the most of your space.

The number one tip for an organized, hassle-free garage is overhead ceiling storage. Smart Racks has you covered. Garages can become overrun by holiday decorations, sporting equipment, bikes, etc. Ceiling storage racks allow you to store items that only get used once a year. Smart Racks custom storage solutions take the dread out of organizing your garage space. They allow you to see your items and access them when needed, yet remove them from the valued floor space. Whether your holiday decorations are cluttering the floor or taking up space in a hot and difficult-to-reach attic, overhead ceiling racks are the ideal solution. The Smart Racks team will come to your home and install a system that works best for you and your garage. This is the perfect time to round out your spring cleaning and make your home Kondo-fied! Smart Racks is committed to quality and affordability. With the lowest priced garage storage racks in Orlando and Central Florida, they truly want to make organizing as stress-free as possible! For a gallery of their work and Florida Garage Racks Storage Solutions visit them online at or call (407) 890-7059 to see how organized your garage can become.