Sun, Pray, Play

When these particular homeowners got ready to have their pool area designed and built for their new home, they were prepared to take their time and do their due diligence. Being of Persian descent, their desire for their pool area and yard was steeped in history and tradition, thus the design, features and quality of the workmanship and equipment was of paramount importance.

From the time of the Achaemenid Empire, the idea of an earthly paradise spread through Persian literature and religious rites, which greatly influenced garden design, with strong emphasis on fountains and ponds. To ancient Persians, the garden’s purpose was, and today still is, to provide a place for protected relaxation in a variety of manners: aesthetically, spiritually and leisurely (such as gathering with friends and family). In other words, trying to create a paradise on earth.

After researching and interviewing many top-rated swimming pool companies, they chose to work with Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc. (PPCF) because of their stellar reputation for honesty, the high quality of their components, and the talent of their designers and builders.

Todd Paldin, a design consultant with PPCF for many years, worked closely with the family to make certain that all of their needs and desires for their pool area were met.

“It was over a month of repeated meetings, discussing and planning. One of the most important aspects of the design for them was the separate negative edge fountain behind the pool with a shallow trough that ran the water from the fountain back into the pool. The trough and fountain are very decoratively designed with functional and beautiful LED lighting. Deck jets that spurt delicate arcs of water into the intricately inlaid glass mosaic fountain add a spiritual element which is so important for their friends and family who gather around the fountain to worship together,” Todd explained.

The free form shape of this 40' pool emulates the lines found along the seashore. To that end, a sand “beach” was designed next to the shallow sun shelf end of the pool, where several LED bubblers percolate the surface of the water and form soothing colors at night. Above the “beach” they hung a hammock between two trees, so that Dad could relax in the shade while his little ones play in the sand and wade in the shallow water. Underneath the beach area, a waterfall cascades onto the sun shelf, delighting both the visual and auditory senses.

Across from the beach area, a large fire bowl can work in conjunction with the programmable deck jets and OmniLogic LED lighting to put on a show at night, all of which can be remotely controlled from their phone from anywhere in the world!

On the far end of the pool, Todd designed a spa that can comfortably seat eight, which is a perfect way to relax at the end of a long day, and a cozy spot to enjoy conversing with close friends.

PPCF also gave careful consideration to the health and well-being of the family with regard to the care and chemistry of the swimming pool. Designed with an in-floor circulation system, the pool will take very minimal sweeping or vacuuming to stay clean, and the Paramount O3 ozonater water purifying system allows the pool to stay crystal clear while using up to 60% fewer irritating chemicals.

Following the installation of the pool, spa and fountain, PPCF personnel followed up with the homeowners for several weeks just to make certain that everything was functioning properly, that the care and upkeep of the pool was in knowledgeable hands, and that all of the dreams and desires had been met for their “paradise on earth.”

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