Stay Cool and Bug-Free this Summer!

In Florida, entertaining during the summer can be difficult. With most days having over 90% humidity, being outside and staying cool is tricky.
For A-Niks Outdoor Comfort Solutions, their main goal is to increase your time outside in absolute comfort. A-Niks offers an outdoor cooling system which is manufactured and designed in Florida for Florida’s high humidity environment. The system is a high pressure system operating at 1,000 psi combined with a wide range of options, including optional heating and custom colors that allow the system to be customized for any paito. One option even completely recesses the cooling system into your ceiling. Because this mist is so fine, you and any outdoor furniture are left dry and cool. A-Niks is the premier provider for these top-of-the-line evaporative cooing systems in Florida. They will leave your outdoor area 10-15 degrees cooler!
Another summer nuisance are those pesky mosquitoes that all Floridians are familiar with. Following the same concept of the cooling system, their insect repellent system uses fine misting to keep biting insects away, particularly mosquitoes. These state-of-the-art machines are designed specifically for your home with automated spraying times as well as weather-resistant technologies.
So what else does A-Niks suggest to protect yourself from mosquitoes? First, try and cover up as much as you can. By doing this, mosquitoes are less likely to bite. Another important tip is to protect yourself with safe bug repellent. Bug spray containing DEET is the most popular but most users don’t know how to properly apply it. The most important thing is to not spray directly onto your skin—only spray onto your clothes. If you want to protect your face, make sure you buy a spray that can be used topically or in sensitive areas. You should always thoroughly wash your hands after using bug spray to avoid consumption.
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