Let the Mossy Family Protect Your Family

Shane Miller, owner of Mossy Oak Fence, sounded remarkably calm and yet upbeat, even in the midst of being deluged with calls from distraught business and homeowners whose fences blew down from the onslaught of Hurricane Irma.

Shane, with his twenty-five years of experience in the fencing business, had been invited by two local radio stations to do live interviews and give recommendations about how to choose a fencing company, what types of things to look for, and whom they could trust with the enormous amount of out-of-state fencing companies pouring into Florida, offering “deals” to overwrought homeowners.
Then Shane did something no one was expecting. He announced that he was going to post on the company’s Facebook page a listing of five reputable companies that he felt could help them in the event that Mossy Oak Fence couldn’t, “First and foremost, our responsibility is to our clients and potential clients, the people in our area we service. That means any possible way I can protect them, I will, whether from poor-quality fencing or from a fence contractor who’s going to take their money and leave, or do a poor quality job.” After clearing it with his surprised competitors, Shane posted the list.
His action followed suit with Mossy Oak Fence’s core values, which maintain that they do not want to have “customers,” but rather, clients. Shane explained that the difference between a customer and a client is that a client is under the care, guidance and protection of a professional.
Mossy Oak Fence strives to make your fence purchase as seamless as possible. After the initial call, their consultant will meet with you, go to the property for a site visit, and ask questions that will help them get to know you and your property and understand your needs and wants. Are you wanting containment, privacy, security or just aesthetics? Are you looking to have fencing and gates that are more personalized and unique? The consultant will analyze your situation and offer solutions that you may not have known existed, being the only go-to custom fence company in Central Florida.
“We do a lot of designs that other people don’t do. If someone has a picture or a sketch of an idea of something they might like, they can bring it to us and we can design, engineer and build your fence. It’s almost like hiring a custom home builder when you design your own house,” Shane stated.
They have designs that are so beautiful and unique that competing fence companies post photos of Mossy Oak fences on their websites! Of course, Mossy Oak wood fences are custom stick-built; they never use pre-built panels like the outlet and big box stores. Better quality materials, service and innovative designs are the hallmark of Mossy Oak Fence. They recently introduced a system where they can install a metal post that is designed to retrofit with the framework of a wood fence which will help it stand up to storms like Irma.
Shane added, “Like you, we have families and pets, and we understand the importance of keeping them out of harm’s way.”