Cool Down, Save Money with Window Film

premium Window Film Installation Services in Orlando, FL

Windows are to homes as eyes are to the soul, and that requires a lot of care and attention. According to scientists, the best way to wake up in the morning is with the sun as it peaks through your window. While this does sound rather optimal, the heat that these rays bring is not ideal. Window film takes this issue away and allows you to rise with the sun, minus the heat.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading residential and commercial window and film installation service for good reason. Their team of craftsmen and installers work hard so that your air conditioning doesn’t have to. It’s no wonder that the window film industry is steadily increasing, as window film factors out 99% of UV rays and up to 80% of the heat and glare from the sun. By not allowing the heat access in the first place, your home stays cooler and allows your air conditioner to work less. The UV rays that window film block are mainly what fade your furniture, art and flooring. Living in Florida, we pay on average 35% more for electricity due to the heat entering from our windows, according to Mike of Advanced Film Solutions. Window film is a practical solution for existing glass, rather than spending extra money replacing windows.

We all know heat is just one of our summer dilemmas, the other being hurricane season. Luckily, Advanced Window Film can be of assistance in that department as well. Their safety films are up to eight times thicker than regular film. In case of a storm, this film is able to hold the window glass in place on impact. It’s important to note that this film is not hurricane proof, but it still does a very good job of keeping glass in place during high winds. This film is also protective against burglars and golf balls, or as Mike puts it, any kind of smashing or shattering. It also holds the same sun controlling qualities, which is an added bonus.

Winner of several awards in their industry, including 2015 and 2018 Southeast Dealer of the Year, plus the Angie’s list Super Service Award every year since 2011 and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau means that the experts at Advanced Film Solutions are the best at what they do which is protecting your home. They appreciate the value of innovation and customer focus, and their vision is to be the premium supplier of advanced technology window films in the state of Florida. “We just want to keep going, keep everyone happy, and keep growing the business,” says Mike. Don’t let another day go by without protecting your home with window film.