Beautiful Fences Built To Last

When you think QUALITY, when you think CUSTOM, when you think FENCE, the name that comes to everyone’s mind in Central Florida is Mossy Oak Fence! What if all you needed was a hand drawn sketch or a picture from your favorite home and garden magazine to have the fence or gate of your dreams?

Mossy Oak Fence continues to be on the leading edge of style and craftsmanship, and 2020 is shaping up to be the company’s best year ever with the introduction of its kiln dried cedar for wood fences. This new product is bringing back the allure and warmth of wood fences that have seen a steady decline over the last 20 years due to the increasing popularity of Vinyl/PVC fencing.
What is kiln dried wood, you might ask? Kiln drying is a process by which the moisture is removed from the wood after milling, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of shrinking, splitting or warping. This process also allows for stain to be applied on the wood immediately without having to wait 60 to 90 days post installation for the curing process to occur. According to founder and president, Shane Miller, Mossy Oak Fence has plans to introduce pre-stained wood fences as soon as this summer, so be sure to follow the Mossy team on Facebook for current happenings, pictures and updates.
Are you a do it yourselfer? Not sure you’re ready for the team at Mossy Oak Fence to custom build your next fence? Mossy Oak Fence now provides the same hard-to-find, high quality materials not previously offered to homeowners from the big box stores, or other fencing companies. All the trusted experts at Mossy Oak Fence need is a sketch with measurements or a copy of your property survey to provide you an accurate list of materials needed to complete your project and a competitive quote. These materials are pre-packaged and ready for pick up or delivery when the time is right for you.
Commercially, Mossy Oak Fence employs a fully staffed division who sell and install security fencing for businesses and municipalities. Their commercial work can be seen at several VA Hospitals in Central Florida along various military locations like Patrick Air Force Base and even Space X. Whether it’s commercial chain link or steel security fencing, Mossy Oak Fence has what your business needs.
Both residentially or commercially, Mossy Oak Fence continues to be your trusted source for high-end, custom fencing. For more information on Mossy Oak Fence, or to see a gallery of their work, visit and
“Let the Mossy family protect your family.”