The Story Behind ANIKS (Automated Natural Insect Killing System)

When Al and Debbie Erturk discovered that their daughter, Kayla, was allergic to mosquito bites, they started looking for ways to protect her from being bitten. Debbie was flipping through a magazine one day and stumbled upon an ad for an automatic mosquito misting system. She couldn’t wait to tell her husband and see if this was an answer to their problem.

The Erturks did their research and were inspired by this product which allowed Kayla to enjoy the outdoors without fear of being bitten by pesky mosquitoes. They were so impressed with the product that they decided to go into business and sell the misting systems themselves. After doing some research, the Erturks realized that Florida, a state notoriously plagued with a mosquito problem, was an untapped market that could really use their services.

Since opening for business in 2004, they have expanded their product line to also include heating and cooling products, retractable awnings and screens, and patio accessories. They have become the premier provider for all of Florida’s outdoor comfort needs.

ANIKS is known for their ingenuity and innovative design. Al has improved existing technology and really taken it to the next level. He leads the industry in technology and has grown the business throughout the southeastern United States. He is always looking for new ways to bring optimal comfort to outdoor living spaces. His latest invention is a device that combines an outdoor heating and cooling system into a single unit, eliminating the need for multiple devices and freeing up space.

Don’t let pesky insects or uncomfortable temperatures stop you from enjoying your outdoor living spaces. Take your yard back with ANIKS! Call 877-9NO-BITE (877-966-2483) and visit to learn more about their superior outdoor comfort products and services.