A Higher Vantage Point with Energy-Efficient Window Solutions

Winter temperatures are beginning to rise as we come into warmer months. You can prepare for this year’s changing seasons—not to mention all of those that follow—by ridding your home of outdated, energy-wasting windows. NewSouth Window Solutions knows that vinyl windows are far more energy-efficient than single-pane aluminum windows. They take this a step further by creating windows dedicated to Florida’s southern climate with capabilities that include UV blocking, sound reduction and curb appeal enhancement. What’s more, their 50,000 sq. ft. Tampa-based manufacturing facility provides their clients with cutting-edge technologies at factory-direct prices.
NewSouth’s factory-direct experience benefits clients in ways beyond providing affordable yet quality products: it allows them to work with one company throughout their entire window-updating project and beyond its completion. Their single-source accountability minimizes confusion and stress because customers have direct relationships with their craftsmen, thus knowing exactly whom to contact for each phase of the project. Clients deal with the manufacturing, installation and guarantee of their custom-built windows by only one company, making it a much smoother process than it would be otherwise. Therefore, NewSouth eliminates not only the middle man, resulting in high-quality yet cost-effective products, but also the confusion of having many peripheral parties in play simultaneously. Finally, NewSouth’s factory underscores their part in strengthening the economy as well as environmental health: their products are created by Floridian employees to endure Florida’s climate while benefiting its homeowners.
Because they are the only company in Florida that manufactures and installs windows directly, they make replacing your outdated windows with those built for the state’s elements a simple process. They take care to ensure every installation is safe and responsible. Replacing one window at a time enables them to minimize your home’s exposure to the outdoors and unpredictable circumstances while double-checking that each one is perfectly in place. Rather than treating your most valuable asset as a construction site, they do so with the respect and care that they would their own homes, resulting in clean working spaces and courteous team members because, as co-founder Earl Rahn says, “At NewSouth, the customer is king.” In addition to their track record and work ethic, they set your mind at ease by being fully licensed, bonded and insured.
When NewSouth earns the right to be your contractor, you’ll see first-hand the benefits of their cutting-edge eVantage and iVantage technologies, including continuous lifestyle and monetary returns. The eVantage window system emphasizes efficiency in every respect, blocking up to 95% of UV rays and, consequently, reducing heat transfer while allowing light transmittance. Their windows’ seals prevent outdoor moisture and noise from invading your home, making for more comfortable living conditions. Utility bill reductions and federal tax credits likely follow eVantage window installations. The iVantage window system has eVantage energy efficiency qualities coupled with a Miami-Dade impact rating, resulting in insurance company credits. NewSouth takes responsibility for their windows’ performance, backing it with transferable lifetime warranties that cover the curve-balls life may throw at you—or your windows.
Award-winning NewSouth Window Solutions has over 45 years’experience in manufacturing and installing quality, energy-efficient windows. Based in Tampa with locations in Orlando, Sarasota and West Palm Beach, NewSouth is paving the way to a more environmentally sound Florida. To find out more information about the latest in window technology, visit them at www.NewSouthWindow.com. You can also call (813) 200-4374 to schedule your free estimate today. If you’d like to get another perspective before doing so, consult NewSouth’s review on the consumer research and referral site, Trust Dale, at www.trustdale.com/new-south-window.