Don’t Let Fear of the Zika Virus Keep You Indoors All Summer

One of the reasons we live here in Florida is to enjoy life. As you know, pesky bugs can sometimes get in the way of that enjoyment. Especially with the ZIKA virus running rampant, it’s important to take an aggressive approach to insect and pest control.

A-NIKS Outdoor Comfort Solutions is an expert-level insect control company with years of experience in the industry. They have innovative solutions that allow you and your loved ones to get out and enjoy your outdoor living space with additional protection from insect-borne diseases like the ZIKA virus.

“When it gets super hot out, the bugs tend to drive us inside. The solutions that we offer at A-NIKS can actually kill the bugs that are bothering you,” said Al Erturk, owner and founder of A-NIKS. “We use a botanically based ingredient that will kill and repel the mosquitoes and no-see-ums,” he continued.

Their mosquito misting spray is considered harmless for you, your children and pets and only harms the pests it targets. The specially designed misting system sprays your yard at times when your family typically isn’t outdoors utilizing the space.

It even has a remote control which allows you to spray on demand. If it’s getting a little “buggy” outside, just grab your remote and spray the pests away! The remote also features a pause button. If you’re entertaining guests and don’t want to spray at that time, just hit pause on the remote and the system will automatically reset itself to spray at the next scheduled time.

“I’m always very careful. I never tell anyone that you’re going to get 100 percent control. Frankly, not even our houses do. You open the front door and a mosquito comes in with you,” Al said. “But with our system, you will get significant, life-changing results. Typically between 85 and 95 percent success, which is a pretty big impact,” he continued.

Don’t let fear of insects or the ZIKA virus keep you indoors this summer, get out there and enjoy your outdoor living space. Call A-NIKS Outdoor Comfort Solutions at (813) 224-0774 or (727) 384-0774, or visit them online at, today!