Choose The Right pavers For Both Form & Function

If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your outdoor living area, look no further than concrete pavers from Shoreline Stone Manufacturing, Inc. A new outdoor patio or pool deck will provide many years of enjoyment for your family and will also increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, many Florida homeowners find making the right selections easier said than done with so many products to choose from. Here are some key design tips from Shoreline Stone–Florida’s leading quality manufacturer of hardscaping products–that will give you the confidence you need to make great choices and avoid decisions you will later regret.

The best advice Shoreline Stone gives any Florida homeowner, besides choosing a quality product manufacturer and installer, is to keep a balance between “form and function” when selecting your products. You won’t be happy in the long run if you sacrifice one for the other. Look at all the selection aspects from the practical side as much as from the emotional side.
Very light color blends have been the traditional choice for foot traffic areas like pool decks and patios, but more medium and darker colors like reds, oranges, and terra cotta will provide a striking contrast to the blue water in your pool. These are bolder and brighter versions of the toned-down red, orange and terra cotta blends that are typically used on driveway projects. Remember that light and medium-colored products will be more comfortable to sit on and walk on than darker colors because they absorb less heat, but darker colors show dirt and stain less than lighter colors do. Lighter colors make smaller or confined spaces appear larger, while darker colors make spaces look smaller. Keeping the border colors the same color as the pavers in the field makes spaces look larger. Contrasting the color of the main field pavers with lighter or darker colors for the borders tends to make areas look smaller but does provide a framed look to the project.
If you want a formal look or want the space to look larger, choose a larger single shape paver and a simple pattern. If you want more of a natural rustic look and you’re not concerned about making the area look smaller, choose smaller shapes or multiple shapes to create random patterns. You can find unique and reasonably priced high-quality solutions if your taste is for large pavers, natural stone-like pavers, and very attractive coping and retaining wall products.
Follow these design tips and you will enjoy your outdoor living areas more, knowing you have invested wisely in them. Shoreline Stone encourages those considering a paver project to be in the know when it comes to the product they are purchasing. They can provide more information and many beautiful and great performing products and accessories for all of your hardscape needs.