The Way to a Healthier Home and Environment with Florida's Best Water Filtration System!

By Llyne Hayes
Over the years, the use of bottled water has skyrocketed due to our fears of contaminants in both city water and well water. Chemical-free and bacteria-free water is essential in keeping us healthier, making our skin and hair look better, helping our home’s major appliances function longer, and in helping to protect our environment. Bottled water has created other issues for our health and environment, as it’s been found that plastic bottles leach BPA into our water and poison our environment as the pile of disposable bottles grows. Science did develop plastic bottles without BPAs, but new research suggests that these alternatives also pose toxic health risks. if that is not enough, it is estimated that there are excessive levels of cancer causing Radium in the tap water of over 170 million households in the US. to check the levels of
radium in your Florida city tap water check the interactive map.

Using bottled water for drinking does nothing to help your home’s pipes and household appliances, such as your water heater, dishwasher, coffee-maker and shower heads, which can fall victim to hard scale deposits. Installing salt-based water systems to avoid hard scale build-up creates other problems: salt-based water softeners require a lot of maintenance, an endless supply of heavy bags of salt, and they end up leaching salt and other chemicals back into the ground which can further contaminate our aquifer. Pelican Water Systems has earned the only dual certification in the USA for a 97% reduction in chlorine and a 99.6% reduction in scale. Their salt-free water filtration system provides clean, fresh, safe water to your entire home. Whether you’re on city or well water, their “Smart Combo” with UV provides enormous benefits for the entire house. The UV system kills bacteria in your water without the use of chlorine, protecting your family against water contamination or disease-causing organisms. Next, the sediment filter removes the sand and dirt that can seep into our water lines. The whole house carbon filter is the best treatment for organic chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine and its by-products. This not only makes your water healthier, but the lack of chlorine makes your water smell and taste better, and your skin and hair feel softer.

The final part of the Smart Combo is their salt-free water softener which works by template-induced crystallization, which is more effective than softeners that rely on salt and does not waste water or pollute the ground. Using salt-free softened water helps protect your investment, makes your pipes last longer, and helps your appliances be more energy efficient. A call to Pelican Water Systems will bring one of their uniformed water filtration specialists to your home in their mobile showroom, which displays many of the various types of filters and systems they offer. They will gladly meet with you to discuss your needs, make specific recommendations for your household, bring the product best suited for you, and arrange for their white-glove premium service to come to your home within three to five days to install your new system.

Should you have questions or need any additional help or support for your new Pelican Smart Combo with UV water filtration system, their premium service professionals will be standing by to take care of your needs. For better health and a healthier home, without damaging our environment, call Pelican Water Systems today at (855) 818-6822 or visit them online at