Nothing "WOWS" Like Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stone, no one does it like Stone-Mart.

Their assortment of travertine and marble pavers and tiles has been transforming the homes of thousands of customers in the Tampa and Sarasota areas. The newest additions to their collection are their Talya Gray Marble and Da Vinci Travertine.
Talya Gray Marble is featured in their full collection, being offered for both interior and exterior. What makes this material so special is its true gray quality. Too often we see products being marketed as gray when it really never holds the characteristics of a fully gray color. That is where Talya stands out. The marble is truly gray with movement throughout of light and silver tones. It is developed using new techniques which sand blast the material to ease the edges. The product is a smooth, slip resistant texture. Talya Gray Marble is available in the forms of tile, pavers and mosaics, giving you options to accent the outside or inside of your home.
On the other hand, we have Da Vinci Travertine. What Talya is to gray, Da Vinci is to gold and earth tones. This spin on gold travertine highlights gold movement throughout the marble. Whether you are interested in pavers or tile, Da Vinci is available in both.
Newly added to Stone-Mart’s website is the shop-by-color feature. Here you can find the perfect aesthetic for your home, whether for countertops or pool coping. The easily navigable feature lays out all your options and makes it easy to envision this beautiful addition to your home.
With the help of Stone-Mart, finding the perfect marble or travertine is inevitable. Visit their website to see the gallery of their work at or call (813) 885-6900 for more information.