Clearly the Best Brand in Shower Doors

Branding creates a reputation around a service or product that makes a memorable impression on consumers and allows them to know what to expect from that company. If you’re shopping for top-quality luxury cars, you would be looking for brands like Lexus and Porsche. If you’re in the market for an incredible top-of-the-line watch, brands like Rolex and Omega would be on your search engine. If you’re looking for the very best quality and the most innovative designs in glass shower doors, then the only brand on your list would be MY Shower Door.

MY Shower Door is always striving to keep their standing as the best brand of shower doors by staying on top of trends through innovation; constantly working to continue improving their products; and expanding their workforce and manufacturing facilities in order to give their customers the quickest lead times in the industry, all while maintaining their impeccable quality.

Thanks to the amount of home decorating shows on television, a huge trend in furniture and architectural design in homes is the modern farmhouse style. This style gave birth to the idea of replacing simple hinged swing doors with the more stylish sliding barn doors style. MY Shower Door presented their take on the sliding barn door with the clean and attractive lines of MY Glide, which is becoming so popular that they also created MY Double Glide, and the brand-new MY Double Glide Ultra. MY Double Glide Ultra almost disappears when installed in a shower because not only are the doors made from MY Shower Door’s better developed low iron Ultra Clear glass, but the top slide rail (header) itself is also made of Ultra Clear glass, the newest invention on the market. Installing MY Double Glide Ultra gives the cleanest, brightest way to show off beautifully tiled showers. Ultra Clear glass is also available on all of MY Shower Door’s products, such as top selling MY Pivot Doors and MY Slide.

Because MY Shower Door manufactures the products they sell in each of their seven showrooms statewide (soon to be eight!), they are able to accommodate unique and unusual design requests. They recently designed and installed a frosted glass MY Glide enclosure around the commode in a large European contemporary master bath and created a “handle-less door” for another customer who didn’t want any hardware protruding from the shower door!

MY Shower Door has been creating so many new products for so many new customers (they have recently finished installing their 78,000th door since their inception in 2003), that they have been named as one of the Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S., and were awarded as “Manufacturer of the Year” in Lee County. To keep ahead of this growth, and to keep their customers happy with the very quick lead time for which they are known, MY Shower Door has added even more state-of-the-art equipment in their factory and trained more staff to create, sell and install all of their high quality products.

The MY Shower Door brand has earned such a great reputation that the Lifetime television show, Designing Spaces, has sent a film crew to the factory and plans to air their story this spring. Check your listings for the air date of the show and see why the MY Shower Door brand is clearly the best at your nearest showroom.