Let the Elves Create Magic for Your Home

The Fall and Winter holidays provide a magical time of special decorations, music, delectable treats and fun get-togethers with friends, neighbors and family. Preparing for these holidays, however, can add a lot of work and stress to the time-starved homeowner who wants to create and enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the holidays.

Decorating Elves of Clearwater, serving the greater Tampa Bay area, can help eliminate much of the holiday hassle and make your home reflect the spirit of the holiday in a way that can be uniquely yours, through illumination. They can create a spooky cemetery, a spine-tingling haunted forest complete with fog, or light up an amazing jack-o-lantern display that changes with the sounds and music trick-or-treaters will hear in your front yard for Halloween.
For Thanksgiving and Christmastime, the professional lighting designers of Decorating Elves will work with you to understand the spirit of the holiday that you want to convey, whether you are looking to celebrate the joy of the season, the whimsical and anticipatory aspect for children, or a more somber spiritual display. Of course, lighting up the trees to create a “Winter Wonderland” is a must for our balmy Florida weather!
Even more importantly, Decorating Elves will make certain that your holiday lighting display is maintained and running smoothly from the time they install it, until it is time for them to take it all down. No searching through strings of lights for that burnt-out bulb, or struggling to pack up and stow away a yard full of decorations!
After the holidays pass, the multiple award-winning Decorating Elves can work more magic for you by installing exterior lighting that serves many purposes, both practical and aesthetic. Outdoor lighting can serve to increase your home’s security by eliminating dark, hidden areas, and can repel mischievous intruders with motion-detecting lighting systems. Outdoor lighting can also be designed to play up the beauty and architecture of your home and landscaping, creating a “postcard picture” of your property that you will be proud of, as well as set a mood for hard-working homeowners who want to relax and enjoy the serenity of their backyard at the end of a long day. A call to Decorating Elves will bring one of their gifted lighting designers to your home to discuss your needs and wants with a complimentary lighting consultation.
Decorating Elves is committed to helping you enjoy your investment without the hassles of time-consuming upkeep. They offer either seasonal or year-round service contracts so your amazing exterior lighting is always maintained to look and function as originally designed.
They also create magic in their community by donating their talent, time and products to various organizations. Through the guidance of the company’s founder and lead designer, Nick Schriver, they most recently completed installing beautiful outdoor lighting to the non-profit St. Petersburg City Theatre, helping to keep its magic alive.
Whether you’re looking to illuminate a few palms or showcase your entire home, Decorating Elves is here to help with all of your outdoor landscape lighting needs. Call (727) 418-4127 or visit decoratingelves.com to schedule a consultation or view a gallery of their unmatched landscapes.