Building Pools with Creativity and Integrity in Orlando Fl

By Llyne Hayes
After working for ten years with a company that left Todd Paldin feeling unfulfilled, he took a leap of faith from a friend’s recommendation and started a new career with Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc. (PPCF). Now, 16 years later, his faith has never wavered. Owner, Dan Theune, took Todd under his wing and taught him the way he believed a pool company should function: with knowledge, creativity, and most of all, with integrity.

Once Todd started designing pools for PPCF, he was amazed at how much he loved the challenge of it all. He enjoyed going from hand- and template-drawn plans that could only display his design in two dimensions, to mastering the innovative Pool Studio by Structure Studios program, which allows his designs to be displayed in a very detailed 3-D format. He especially loves how this program helps PPCF’s clients understand how their pool area will look from every vantage point in their home once the installation is complete. He enjoys interacting with customers to learn how to best mesh their desires for their pool area with the constraints of their property, their long-term plans for their home, and their budget.

Keeping up with new trends and learning what latest and greatest elements are available in pool and patio design keep Todd excited about this business as well. He exuberantly shares how special features, along with some imagination and creativity, can come together in creating a pool area that makes a backyard into a truly private paradise. “We are currently working on a project that I can venture to say that no one in Florida has ever built before. This pool is a very large one with multiple features like colored LED lighting, a spa, and two bridges that meet a sunken pit in the middle of it, which has a fire pit in its center. The sunken pit is connected to a bar top that has stools in front of it. There is an aluminum pergola over the pit with louvers that can close, and a waterfall that drops from the front of it, behind the stools. It’s truly awesome, and I can’t wait until it’s done!”

What has kept Todd happily designing pools for PPCF all these years, though, is the integrity and efficiency with which this company operates. He was taught early on by Dan how important it is to really listen to their customers, and to make sure that you don’t give them unrealistic expectations. Everyone at PPCF believes that you treat people the way you want to be treated, honestly and fairly, and you complete a job in an organized manner, not creating a chaotic scene as so many other pool builders do.

“Most folks only get to build a pool once in their life, so they have no basis of comparison,” Todd explains, “My wish would be for people to be able to build two pools in their life, one from a company other than PPCF and then one built by our efficient machine, a company that really cares and knows what they’re doing, and see for themselves what the real difference is.”

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