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The Power of Pictures

Florida Home Magazine is proud to present the newest member of our staff, photographer, Mark Matuzak.

The beauty and quality of Mark’s photos belie the fact that he is self-taught. He had purchased a very expensive camera in 2008 as a gift for his wife, Erika, when she had expressed an interest in photography. Out of curiosity, he picked up the camera and started shooting pictures too. He became enchanted with the entire process, from setting up the lighting to the art of post-processing. Each time that Mark felt there was more to learn and room to improve, he researched online, then practiced and researched some more.
Mark is constantly striving to perfect his art, not just for his own satisfaction, but for the betterment of his clients. “What I’m trying to do is offer businesses marketing materials so that they can grow their business. So many businesses don’t fully understand the power of pictures. A great photographer will make whatever they are shooting end up looking better than the reality,” Mark asserts.
His clients include local interior designers, architects and custom home builders as well as national accounts, such as Lutron Electronics. You can see more of Mark’s stunning work on his website at, and of course, in the pages of Florida Home. He can be reached by phone at (407) 432-3400 or email at [email protected].

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