Just Spectacular

By Llyne Hayes

While admiring a recently completed job by Premier Pools of Central Florida (PPCF), only one word comes to mind: spectacular. That a man-made creation can visually overpower the stunning view of Johns Lake, which originally enticed the homeowners to purchase this property in Hickory Hammock, speaks volumes for the designers and builders of this swimming pool masterpiece. “Swimming pool” is not nearly a large enough term to describe this water wonderland.

In the center of the curvilinear pool, PPCF built a long, oval, sunken walled-in area that has built-in benches along the sides with an enormous oval firepit that is laden with red lava rocks in the center. Overhead, an aluminum motorized pergola with adjustable louvers allows for protection from the sun or rain and can direct cool breezes downward. Amazingly, a wide, gentle waterfall cascades from one side of the pergola, forming a sheer curtain of water behind the cylindrical stools by the swim-up bar which is formed by one wall of the sunken seating area. On both sides of the pool deck, bridges lead to the curved steps that go down into the oval pit. A wide sun shelf with bubblers creates a fun and lovely shallow splash pad and leads from the deck to more curved steps that go into the deeper areas of the pool.

On the perimeter of the pool, five symmetrically placed round fire bowls add visual interest in the daylight, and incredible drama at night when the flames dance high from the bowls. At night, both white and colored LED lights accent the pool’s shape and features, adding to the beauty of the architecture and creating an air of excitement, or serenity, depending on the light’s programming.

It takes a spectacular company to design and build this masterpiece of a pool, and PPCF has shown, once again, how their company has the creativity, engineering skills, and work ethic to build the best pools.

Craig Julian, project manager with 20+ years in the pool building business, explains what makes PPCF so spectacular, “Dan and Tracie, the owners, really care about their customers, and their customers’ complete satisfaction. They go above and beyond what is required to ensure that the job is done right; they don’t cut corners. We hire only tried and true, fully licensed master craftsmen, because we believe that a company is only as good as its people. We use top-quality products and features, many of which we have tested in our own pools. We don’t believe in cookie cutter designs. Instead, we take the time to get to know our customers, to understand how they want to use their pool, what special features will be meaningful to them, how the pool’s design will work with the architectural style of their home, and how the entire pool area can best enhance their property.”

Craig sums up why PPCF builds spectacular pools, “We spend a lot of time and money to ensure that our customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded. When all is said and done, we rely on word of mouth to be our best form of advertising.” Over 20 years of PPCF’s happy customers enjoying their spectacular pools prove his point.

Visit premierpoolsofcentralfl.com to see what type of pool interests you, then call the professionals at Premier Pools of Central Florida at (407) 456-7405 to get started planning your perfect outdoor retreat.