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Bring the Beach to Your Backyard

Factors to Consider for New Pool Construction

Florida has a bounty of beaches helping residents and tourists temporarily free themselves of responsibilities and lather up in sun lotion and fun times. As a Florida homeowner, your backyard gives you the chance to add another noteworthy beach to the state. A new pool helps make the fun of the beach readily accessible. The benefits of having a pool range from improved mental and physical health to increased property value. However, there is much to consider at every stage of new pool construction.
The first consideration to make is the company you’ll work with, which should have references that display reliability. A reliable company will provide a smooth construction process, from clarity of design and budget to the expectation meeting outcome. You can check that the company is licensed at Beyond that, checking the company’s Better Business Bureau report at will show whether complaints have been made against it and, if so, how those complaints were resolved. Once you are satisfied with the company’s background, ask for a copy of their insurance to safeguard your protection against accidents. Keep the copy for your records should you need it for any reason in the future.
Another crucial measure to take before beginning your new pool construction is to agree on a clear drawing schedule with your pool contractor, which determines the amount of money you pay at each determined and completed stage of work. Your deposit amount should align with its purpose, which is typically for permit expenses and other upfront costs. Before making any payments, remember to get a Release of Lien from your contractor, which indicates that he or she has been satisfied with payment. Florida’s construction lien law says that those working on your property or providing materials for your project have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property if they are not paid. Thus, acquiring the lien release removes the threat of lien from your pool contractor or an unpaid sub-contractor who worked on your property.
Your pool contractor should listen to your pool-related desires and needs, such as size, shape and materials, including coping, tile, interior finishes and decking. Additionally, he or she should provide you with a range of unique aesthetic, safety and functional features, such as waterfalls, screens and child-safe gates. To ensure lasting quality of your new pool construction, your contractor will use high quality materials that suit and endure the environment to minimize future issues. Value in a pool construction comes from considering the quality of the materials used and the company’s experience. Though prices from qualified companies may be higher up front, the outcome will outweigh that of a company that sacrificed quality for cost.
Now that you’ve taken into account serious matters regarding your new pool, you can feel beach-day relaxed when working with your chosen pool contractor, as you know you’ve made an informed decision. Once the project is completed, morning laps and weekend pool parties await. It’ll seem as if you’ve got a beach in your backyard!